Fast Company: LifeLoop in "The United States of Innovation"

Fast Company's United States of Innovation featured LifeLoop as an innovative Nebraska company. 

Amy Johnson - Photo: Ackerman Gruber

A digital connection for seniors and their families

When a relative is in a nursing home, health updates are often delivered to the family only after a visit to the doctor. But that doesn’t tell the complete story: If a resident stops attending bingo night or meeting friends for a daily walk, it could be a sign that she needs a higher level of care. After experiencing a gap in communication with staff caring for her own relatives, Amy Johnson cofounded LifeLoop, a web-based platform that connects employees at senior-care facilities directly with residents’ families. The LifeLoop site offers relatives real-time updates on their loved ones’ daily activities, along with the ability to send messages to staff. And by digitizing the onerous task of charting patients’ actions on paper, the platform gives staff more time to focus on the residents themselves. “We’ve eliminated an hour of work per day for [facilities’] lifestyle directors,” says Johnson, “and told a story about [the patient’s] pattern of behavior.” The service, which Johnson developed at an Omaha-based incubator, launched in the Midwest in 2015 and has spread to nine states. Johnson says the senior-care industry has become increasingly open to such innovation: “We’re on the cusp of some great advances.”
Jt Seger