Customer Spotlight: Cascadia Senior Living

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The LifeLoop team works hard to deliver a great product. But, it’s our customers that truly realize the platform’s potential. 

Cascadia Senior Living, a senior living system in the Pacific Northwest, has found very inventive ways to deploy it. Chalk that up to experience. Tom Cloutier, Cascadia’s VP of Operations, is a true LifeLoop Loyalist.

He first worked with LifeLoop as a facility director in his previous company, and since then he’s been a champion for the platform. He brought LifeLoop to all six of Cascadia’s current senior living communities. As Cascadia continues to open up new communities, he’s making sure that they’ll use LifeLoop from day one.

“It’s a no-brainer,” Tom says. “I think any organization would benefit from it.”

Here’s how LifeLoop won Tom over.


Effortless Rollout

Tom emphasizes how LifeLoop isn’t like other changes he’s tried to bring to his organization. It was much, much easier to get started.

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“When I came on board at Cascadia, LifeLoop was one of the first things I wanted to implement,” he says. “And even now it’s probably the easiest roll-out I’ve ever done.”

Mostly, Tom attributes this to LifeLoop’s design. Its intuitive interface meant that staff didn’t have to spend very long to learn how it works.

 “At this point just about everyone on our staff — and a lot of our residents for that matter — have Facebook, use iPhones and whatnot. LifeLoop works just like that. It’s very familiar. It’s plug-and-play!” he says.

Tom also observes that he didn’t experience any staff pushback, which is unusual for a big sweeping process change. He didn’t have to work hard to “sell” LifeLoop to Cascadia care staff. The product, by his reckoning, sold itself — with a little help from the LifeLoop team.

“I was really grateful when some folks from the LifeLoop team came out to our new communities and did an open-house to explain what it can do,” he says. “And the staff got it like that. They saw right away it’d be really, really valuable to them.”


A Great Differentiator — and a Powerful Marketing Tool

LifeLoop’s unique value proposition has Tom torn. On the one hand, he says, “I don’t understand why any organization would go without it.”

But on the other, he loves how LifeLoop makes Cascadia communities stand out.

“It’s a great differentiator,” he says. “It’s an integral part of our sales and marketing process, explaining it to residents and family members.”

Once they see LifeLoop in action, potential new residents and their loved ones are impressed with its capabilities. “I can’t hazard to put an exact number on it,” Tom says, “but I know it’s made a meaningful difference with our sales process.”

And the marketing benefits keep coming after the resident moves in. LifeLoop automates and personalizes processes that communities use to keep family members up to date. Over time, this builds invaluable trust, and helps to sustain positive word-of-mouth.

Community newsletters, for example, can be augmented, or even replaced, with LifeLoop notifications. Executive directors can use the platform to reach out directly to residents — which all agree feels much more direct and personal than email.

LifeLoop can even make a distinct physical impression when family members enter a community’s doors.

“In one of our communities we have a big flat screen in the halls that shows a feed of updates from LifeLoop,” Tom says. “It introduces new employees, shows the employee-of-the-month, displays activities, trivia, things like that. Just the presence of it helps our community feel more joyful and vibrant.”

Cascadia plans to roll out these flat screens across all its communities in the very near future.


The Ultimate Prize: Grateful Families

As helpful as it’s been as a marketing tool, though, Tom doesn’t believe that’s the reason organizations need LifeLoop.

“LifeLoop’s valuable to us because the present and the future of our industry is to keep family members more and more involved in our residents’ lives,” he says. “Family members are naturally curious about what’s going on with their loved ones, and LifeLoop is both a proactive and reactive way of helping with that.”

The spontaneous exchanges leave room for a more meaningful relationship between an institution and its stakeholders. To illustrate, Tom points out how, without a solution like LifeLoop, too much of the communication becomes rote and procedural.

“There’s a real void. We don’t want to just be talking about troublesome things, like fall-alerts or billing or things like that,” he says. “What about the good things going on in a resident’s life? What about ‘Oh, you know Mom really enjoyed her ice-cream today?’ Or ‘Mom had a great time dancing?’”

LifeLoop opens up a three-way flow of information between community staff, the resident, and the resident’s family. Everyone involved is enriched by it.

“We get a lot of gratitude,” Tom says. “We get notes all the time from folks specifically thanking our life directors.”

How often does that happen in an ordinary senior-living community?


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LifeLoop: Because Senior Care is Always Personal

Finally, in reflecting on the difference that LifeLoop has made in his work, Tom gave a stark reminder about how this industry touches us all.

“I would have killed for this when my grandmother was all the way across the country,” he says, “over in a community in North Carolina. I always wanted to know what she was up to.”

Sooner or later, we’ll all be on the other side of the senior-living interaction. One day we’ll be caretakers, family members — even residents ourselves. And when that day comes, it’s not hard to imagine how grateful we’ll be for a sense of connection.

It’s LifeLoop’s great pride to make that connection possible.

Amy Johnson